Notaría Pública Dos


Notaría Pública Dos


Our Services:


    Acquiring assets or selling them is one of the procedures you can perform with full confidence and legal security. In Public Notary 2 we offer the advice you need with expert and trained personnel.

    We have the best service required by this type of notarial procedures. Do not risk your investment or assets, come with us or call to make an appointment and we will gladly provide the advice you need about the requirements, rights, obligations, clauses, etc., both for the buyer and the seller.


    Legitimacy and security for business

    Creating a company can be the first big step for a big project, that's why you count on us and with our advice to receive the best guidance on the formalization of a business.

    We offer the best guidance on the type of company you want to set up, the procedures, requirements, etc. Call and schedule an appointment with our trained and expert personnel in the creation of mercantile companies.


    Solutions in life for peace of your loved ones

    The goods and properties given by wills give you total tranquility in life. How many times have you heard the following phrase? "Do not inherit problems." The answer is simple, that is very real.

    Making a will is a simple option, and at the same time economic, to distribute goods and not leave problems in the future, such as expenses and legal complications. Come to Public Notary 2 and receive guidance on this process.

    REMEMBER THAT: Making a will does not predispose death; On the contrary, doing so will make you live more calm and have a better quality of life.


    The most reliable option to protect your heritage

    We also have at your disposal the necessary advice for the creation of trusts, which has different purposes. In the Public Notary 2 is the most qualified personnel on these issues.

    Let us assist you; schedule an appointment in our offices and discover why we are the best option of the Bay.

Notaría Pública Dos