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Notary Public Two is one of the most specialized ones, with over 20 years of experience, located in Bucerias Area, in Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit. We have been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification, being one of the very few with this grant, due to the fact that we offer our services with the highest standards of quality, for the peace of mind of our customers.

Our Head, Attorney at Law Teodoro Ramirez Valenzuela, is a person with a vast experience and prominent trajectory in this field, responsible for turning Notary Public Two into a highly efficient Business Center, whereat in addition to the normal practice of a notary public, individuals and entities find an accurate orientation and aid at the starting up and consolidation of their business.

A highly competent staff, dynamic and qualified, formed by over 20 individuals experts in different areas such as Trade, Taxing, Civil, Administration and Real Estate laws, working in spacious, comfortable facilities amidst an excellent work environment, driven by an adamant team-work and proficiency spirit in order to provide counseling far beyond a simple processing or documentation of your matters.

Notary Public Two provides services to a wide and diverse array of Institutions, Companies, Corporations and Public in General of several nationalities: with the tranquility that you shall be able to carry out your procedures both in English and in Spanish.

Within this highly dynamic and fast growing tourist area, institutions such as Notary Public Two do face continuous challenges for the specializing and competence of its multidisciplinary and, so to say, multinational services; therefore here you shall find a concept at counseling that heeds all facets of your business, company or public procedural steps, whether Corporate, Real Estate, Tax-related, Mercantile or Civil.

Notary Two offers you the highest level of quality, experience, integrity and competence in order for your matters and procedures to feature an outstanding documentary design, whether about a complex real estate operation, a sensitive testamentary procedure, the organization of a trading company or any other necessity for granting title or public faith that you request.






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From the beginning and form of making legal documents Notary Public Two is a place where you can have the confidence and security to do any notarial process.